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Start Small

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”
Vincent Van Gogh

Start small, nothing bigger, but smaller the better. Small actions don’t lack ambition, it lays a foundation for it. Ambition is a desire, a thought process. Small actions are actions none the less. You’re ahead of the ambitious pack of hounds sitting around feeling ambitious by thinking about their dreams yet doing nothing to actualise it.

If you stack small on top of small you get a bit bigger. Keep on adding small actions on top of one another. What do you get? A mountain, now that’s ambition realized.

Use this approach for almost anything and you will succeed. Sure small doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work hard, but small creates a slow generation of knowledge, skill, and work required to reach your goals.

For example, you want to walk a long distance, but have not even completed a walk further than 5 miles? Start small.
Step outside your house and walk 6 miles. The time after walk 7 miles, and 8, then 9.

See where we are going here. Your small is bigger already until you reach 12 miles and your small 6 miles has doubled into a not so small 12 miles in a day.

Feet feel ok? Great, then there’s no reason you cannot do this for two days running, and you’re on your way to walking your first long distance path.